Minimum Minimums

Want to lower your inventory costs?

What about testing some colorways or designs out first?

A company that responds rapidly with new designs and ideas?

We make all our own stuff, from start to finish, no intermediaries.
This means we can respond to your needs immediately. We started our company with you in mind and our processes were designed to make your life easier.
Our minimum order number for each product is only 12 pieces and that can be split between any colorway or design. For instance to make up the 12 you can order:
  • 3 x Lime Tie Dye Neckwarmers
  • 2 x Black Solid Color Neckwarmers
  • 2 x Black & Gold Paisley Neckwarmers
  • 1 x Black & White Paisley Neckwarmers
  • 3 x Pink Paisley Neckwarmers
  • 1 x Pink & Black Plaid Neckwarmer
  • Couldn't be easier than that!

What's in it for you?

It gives you flexibility, the ability to respond to seasonal fluctuations and you'll no longer have to guess what you'll need in 6-9 month's time.
Order smaller
Order Later
Receive it faster!
Regular orders* ship within 2 days and custom orders within 3 weeks.


To find out more or become a dealer CONTACT US



* 50 pieces or less per design or colorway

* Larger orders ship within 5 business days